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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Oct 22, 2021

25 year old Yakama woman Alillia "La La" Minthorn went missing in May 2019 from Toppenish, WA.  She told her sister "If I don't make it back, come look for me."  La La's last words would haunt her sister, Tanya, as La La never came home alive.  

Sources: - A project of the Yakima Herald-Republic which is...

Oct 7, 2021

Our first case takes us to the summer of 1993 in Seattle, WA; punk rock group The Gits were on the precipice of greatness and days away from a cross-country tour when their frontwoman, Mia Zapata, was the victim of an apparent random murder on Seattle's Capitol Hill.  This is the story of Mia Zapata, her untimely...