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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Jan 29, 2022

In 1988, Mulugeta Seraw lost his life for simply being who he was: a Black man from Ethiopia.  His murder by racist skinheads horrified Portland and exposed the deep roots of white supremacy in the community.  This is Mulugeta's story.  



Jan 22, 2022

CW: This episode contains graphic descriptions of physical abuse against children and adults, please use caution when listening.

Our longest episode yet tells the horrific, decades-long story of Michelle Knotek and her systematic pattern of abuse and manipulation of the people she was supposed to love and care for the...

Jan 17, 2022

Toddler Teekah Lewis vanished without a trace from a Tacoma, WA bowling alley the night of January 23, 1999.  She is still missing, just shy of 23 years later.  Where is Teekah Lewis?

Find Teekah Lewis Facebook Page

Missing Teekah Lewis Instagram


Jan 2, 2022

A new episode for the new year!  Sara brings us an astounding story of survival from Portland, Oregon.  We bow down to the badassery of Susan Kuhnhausen (now Susan Walters).