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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Feb 27, 2022

This case is a bit of rollercoaster and Caro is riding it with you, listeners!  Sara brings us the extremely frustrating case of Nicholas Francisco - an apparent family man who disappeared from the Seattle area in 2008.  

Our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Ukraine, please find below a list of recommended...

Feb 14, 2022

You've heard of Sasquatch, but have you heard of Batsquatch?  It hasn't been around long, but it sure has made some lasting impressions in Washington state after its mysterious appearance following the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens.  Do you believe?


Feb 7, 2022

Devoted mother of 4, Heather Leann Cameron (Haller), went missing after repeated distress calls to 911 about 20min outside of Redding, CA in August of 2012 while in the company of her ex boyfriend, Daniel Lusby.  Heather is still missing today, nearly 10 years later.  What happened to Heather Leann Cameron?