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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Jun 27, 2022

Content begins around 6:34 if you'd like to skip the couple minutes we spend talking about the Roe v Wade ruling and a few related items - please do go read up on the SCOTUS ruling re: Miranda rights from 6/23, though - we should all be paying attention to this!  

We're talking about an Oregon cryptid and a ghost...

Jun 20, 2022

In 1978, 15 year old Mary Vincent survived a horrific attack and attempted murder at the hands of Lawrence Singleton.  This is her incredible story.


Jun 12, 2022

CW: This episode covers the murder of a trans woman and violence against trans people.  Please take care when listening.

January Marie Lapuz brightened and bettered her community with her vibrant, joyful personality and dedicated service as Sher Vancouver's social coordinator from 2009 until her horrific murder in...

Jun 7, 2022

CW: This episode discusses abortion history, abortion procedure, and deaths as a result of unregulated and illegal abortion practices.  Please use caution when listening.

Roe vs. Wade secured federal abortion rights in the United States in 1973 (or so we thought) but just what happened when a person wanted or needed an...