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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Oct 30, 2022

Today's minisode takes us to Portland, Oregon for a spooky story: a tragic, real murder that became a local ghostly tale, and a reminder that ghosts were people too, at some point.  This is the sad story of the tragic murder of Thelma Taylor.


Oct 24, 2022

As promised, Sara brings us a sampling of spooky from around Washington and Oregon's hiking trails!  Have you hiked any of these trails?  Seen or felt anything creepy, eerie, or was it just spooky enough to send a shiver down your spine?  


Oct 16, 2022

CW: this episode contains descriptions of cannibalism, abuse of a corpse, the murder of children, and animal cruelty; please take care when listening.

The 1970s were a really rough time for Sacramento, CA - not only was the East Area Rapist (later coined the Golden State Killer) terrorizing the community, but a blitz of...

Oct 9, 2022

Sara takes us to the spooky side of things and details some of the origin stories of Seattle's supposedly haunted Georgetown Morgue, now a haunted house that you can visit today (if you dare).  


Oct 2, 2022

CW: this episode contains graphic crime scene descriptions, the accidental death of a child, and the violent murder of a pregnant woman

On Halloween night, 1984, police in San Jose, California responded to a scene one would later describe as a "Halloween horror show" in the front hallway of Charles and Doreen...