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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Jul 31, 2023

After telling her brother she was afraid of her partner, Roseann Stone Pleasant disappeared and has never been seen again.  Tragedy would strike again when just 6 years later, Roseann's daughter Valiree vanished from her own backyard. 


Jul 20, 2023

The early-morning quiet in Pacifica, California was shattered on January 21, 1999 when a car bomb exploded on a residential street.  The gruesome scene was the horrifying end to a years-long neighborhood feud sparked by a disagreement over a simple flower bed between houses.  


Jul 10, 2023

Teresa Davidson-Murphy disappeared under suspicious circumstances in October of 1999 - after failing to pick up her daughter Jessica after a multi-day sleepover, Teresa's husband Richard unceremoniously told Jessica that her mother had been using drugs and would not be returning.  But that was only his first story about...

Jul 2, 2023

On Sept. 17, 1992, after attending the Puyallup Fair with a friend, 14 year old Misty Copsey missed the last departing bus home and was never seen again.  Her case remains unsolved today.  What happened to Misty?

If you have any information about Misty’s disappearance, please contact the Puyallup Police Department tip...