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Cascadia Crime & Cryptids

Feb 27, 2022

This case is a bit of rollercoaster and Caro is riding it with you, listeners!  Sara brings us the extremely frustrating case of Nicholas Francisco - an apparent family man who disappeared from the Seattle area in 2008.  

Our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Ukraine, please find below a list of recommended organizations to donate to if you are looking for ways to support from around the globe:


Doctors Without Borders

Voices of Children

Intl Committee of the Red Cross

Save the Children

UN Refugee Agency


Intl Medical Corps

Last but not least, please find here the story of the Gil sisters, found dead in their father's Renton home in December of 2021.  Their father was also found dead, upstairs in his bedroom.  This case appears to have stalled and it needs more attention! 

Full link: